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Create your own fantasy

Get your fantasy right at your door

Multiple costumes to choose

Home, Office or Hotel

Bachelorette, Birthday and others

Make your event unforgettable

24/7 - Same day service

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a god in times of Greece. a man today.

Greek myth: Adonis was known as the "God of beauty"
and "The most beautiful man of all men".

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Modeling Services

1. Fitness Model - Brands, Programs & Products

2. Publications - Cover, content & figures

3. Advertising Media - Photography & Filming

4. Highly experienced in modeling & runway

5. Face, Body, Mind and Charisma

6. Bilingual - English & Spanish

Professional Modeling

Use Adonis to boost your brand & increase revenue with his image. Experienced in modeling, runway, film, live events & more. Contact him today.

Diet, Nutrition & Training

Adonis can guide you step by step until you get the body you've always dreamed of. A perfect combination of diet & exercises will introduce you to a healthy lifestyle.

Watch Adonis Live

Adonis is a full time male entertainer of the world famous LaBare Dallas nightclub. It's the best in the nation "Girls Night Out" experience, guaranteed.


Having an upcoming event but want to keep it private?. Adonis will come to you, whether is your home, hotel, office or convention centre. Book him today.

Latest Photos

The experience

Over 6 years of experience as entertainer, Adonis has the sweetness of a gentleman and the toughness of a strong man.

Beauty & passion

Live in the moment with Adonis beauty & passion. Enjoy an environment of fun & desire, with the respect your event deserves.

All about you

A man who will make you live a movie scene in which you are the main star. Special guests?
"Funn" & "Moore Funn".

No comparison

There is male entertainers, models, professionals, business men, athletes, actors, and then, ...there is Adonis.